Illegal Background Checks And Employer Violations

Employers run background checks regularly, and they have a good reason for it. However, in many cases, employers abuse their privileges and conduct background checks in a way that violates their employees' privacy and other rights.

If you have been denied employment or terminated from a position because of an illegal background check, you have rights and you have options.

At the Law Offices of John L. Fallat, in San Rafael, we represent clients throughout California in cases involving illegal background checks and employer violations. Whether your employer violated your rights through the illegal use of social media, cyber intrusion or other means, the lawyers of our law firm are fierce advocates. Through negotiations and litigation, we can make sure your rights are protected.

Protecting You Against Unlawful Background Checks

Mr. Fallat has 30 years of experience as a lawyer. The Law Offices of John L. Fallat represents clients in cases involving all aspects of illegal background checks and related employment law areas, including:

  • Unlawful Reporting Of Criminal Cases
  • EEOC Regulations On Background Checks
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Regulations On Background Checks
  • State Rules On Background Checks
  • Background Firms That Report An Expunged Case
  • Background Firms That Report A Criminal Case Incorrectly
  • Background Firms That Did A Background Check Not In Compliance With Federal Or State Law
  • Retail Theft Databases
  • Background Checks Without Consent
  • Staffing Firms/Vendors Doing Background Checks Illegally